Monday, October 7, 2013

July - first month under my belt

It's been a horrible couple months. Every moisturizer I found seemed to irritate my skin. Things have stayed the same symptom wise other then a few weeks ago what appears to be real eczema popped up on my arms, legs and feet. It doesn't bother me at all.

 I recently and saw one of the top derms (supposedly) in the west coast. He was not very receptive at all to my self diagnosis of tsa and only wanted to prescribe more steroids. After I told him I wasn't ever going to use ts again he could only say "what do you want me to do"?. I said I wanted him to help me get through tsw, and possible UVB light treatment. He told me that "I HAVE A CHRONIC DISEASE!". Well, after I got home I received a survey via email and I told them how I felt, ending it with "you guys have your heads up your asses". So, I think I burned that bridge. Any derm that has hand sanitizer in every room for people to use freely that contains known skin irritants and cancer causing chemicals is not a good derm anyway in my opinion.

I decided to stop using moisturizers since I had a strong impression my skin splits weren't healing due to having the moisturizers on my skin all the time, and the stuff was just making my hands itch too much. Then all hell broke loose because my hands dried up so bad I couldn't bend some of the fingers without breaking my skin wide open. But I was determined to make those skin breaks dry and scab over so I stuck it out. For about 3 days the pain was extremely intense. I had to take a painkiller one day. I hate painkillers too. By the 4th day things were bearable and by about day 7 or 8 my skin breaks had all scabbed over and the scabs were starting to peel off day to day revealing new skin underneath. Whew! Now that's much better.

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