Monday, October 7, 2013

June 30th - My First Week Behind Me

Today the skin on my hands, mainly the palms, is burning hot, itching like crazy, swollen and just sore as hell. The blood vessels are wide open especially at night when the body's histamine levels are at their highest levels. I'm using a Calendula salve as an emollient to try and help heal my open skin splits and fissures.

I initially started using ts 20 years ago when I went to a doctor for a different issue. I mentioned this small patch of redness on a lower extremity, which seemed different from normal eczema and had been previously biopsied as psoriasis. I was just curious what she thought might make it go away. She was a doctor who had more of a natural approach to healing. She prescribed a super potent topical steroid, but didn't tell me it was a super potent steroid, or the correct way to use it. Recent research I've done on the net shows that this particular ts should never have been prescribed to me for my condition in the first place, and if prescribed a ts, it should have been one of the lessor potent corticosteroids. I didn't know the ointment was dangerous to use for longer than two weeks and on a follow up visit I complained that the patch would go away within a day or two but would keep coming back. She told me I needed to apply the ointment daily even when the rash isn't there to keep it away. I did that for a few weeks and then quit, probably because I just forgot about it. The rash came right back again so I would just treat it for a couple days and not use it for a couple days and so forth. This went on for about 17-18 years and then all of a sudden a rash that appeared to be eczema broke out in a small patch on the palm of my right hand. It was steroid induced eczema but I didn't know it at the time.

Well, I have never had eczema on the palms of my hands in my life! So, naturally I started applying the magic elixir on my hand every day or so. Gradually I had to apply it more often and by the end of the first year the rash was covering my whole palm and fingers and starting to show up on my other hand. I was also getting tiny spots of the same rash popping up in odd places like on my ear, side of my nose, one eyelid, chin, etc. I used the ts on those areas as well but in very small amounts compared to my hands.

By the end of two years my hands were a total mess. I got to the point where I was slathering the ts over both hands 2-3 times per day.   

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