Monday, October 7, 2013

September - 3 Month Mark

I finally found a doctor willing to learn about topical steroid addiction and withdrawal and who wants to help me. What a relief to know you have someone to help identify an infection or other serious problem if one should arise.

My hands have flared and the skin has broken open again. They were actually about 85% healed but tsw has many unexpected twists and turns. I'm really not sure if my hands fell apart again because I scratched them too much one night, or because of the nature of the withdrawal process. It started when I applied a lotion on my hands to try it and then after experiencing severe itching I washed it off and soaked in the tub to try and get it all out. It's been slowly downhill since.

I've been taking daily dead sea salt baths to help the skin and relieve some of the symptoms. Also just started taking omega 3 fish oil, flax seed oil, vitamin D3, and probiotics daily, along with my low potency vitamins.

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