Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 3rd - New Picture Update - Topical Steroid Induced Eczema


NOTE: I didn't take pictures when my skin was much much worse in the first 3 months. Believe it or not the above pictures show approximately 85% improvement over what my skin was like before and after starting topical steroid withdrawal. I didn't start this blog until October and taking pictures of myself never even crossed my mind until after I started this blog.

Currently, my skin is dry and feels good as there are no open skin splits or other bothersome areas (other then night time itching). That is difficult to tell from these pics. When comparing to October the skin on my hands looks improved. It is actually much improved more so than what the pics show because my skin is now much stronger then it was then. The skin breaks are now completely healed again and I am having a much easier time of it. I hadn't taken pics of my arms and legs before, but in the beginning of tsw they were pretty bad. The steroid induced eczema on my left arm ran all the way down to my wrist, and my right leg was worse than my left leg, just as bad as the left arm. I have never used ts on my arms or legs and I haven't had eczema in those areas since I was in my teens or early twenty's. And then, it was just a small spot that went away on it's over time. Childhood eczema tends to go away in adulthood and that was my case. But, I would have an occasional small patch that would come and go in different places on my body through adulthood. However, they were so insignificant they never bothered me. And, it was always just one patch at a time and not multiple patches.

The steroid induced eczema on both my arms and legs has almost completely healed, while the hands slowly improve each week. The hands are considerably improved since MW at about the beginning of month three. And 95% of the pain is gone! No itching during the day but plenty at night. Sleep patterns are improving slowly. Again, I used the potent topical steroid betamethasone ointment almost exclusively on my hands. When I think back to the condition of my hands in my last two months before topical steroid withdrawal, and in my first two months of tsw, I am amazed at what I went through. The 24/7 pain and itching was so intense and relentless in those first two months of tsw it made me very despondent at times. It wears one down physically, mentally, and emotionally after a few months of enduring the healing process. And I mean down! This is why my heart goes out to all of you out there that are going through this. There is light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. Way to go dan! Happy to hear you are healing well

  2. I haven't used moisturizer (I also haven't showered all too much.. I mean I don't produce oil or sweat so daily showers seem too much to me) and I've been doing better. Not sure exactly what it is (I'm also on traditional medicine) but I seem to be doing better than most on forum.

  3. Hi estherminusts, thank you for sharing your experience! I have found that every person who has gone without moisturizers for any decent period of time has had the same results as you and I both. I hope more will post their experiences here but fear there are not many of us who have done it this way :(

    I strongly feeel moisturizing slows tsw healing, and makes the healing process a much more grueling one than it needs to be. It's grueling enough as it is!

  4. Hi there, has anyone tried bentonite clay? I was given a jar of Mississippi Miracle Clay with loads of natural minerals that also claim to "dry up" eczema much in the way the salts do. Let me know if anyone has tried it. I may dunk my hands in there later today!

    1. Hi Ingrid, how are you today? I'm not familiar with this product so I typed the name with the word "dangers" behind it in the web and from what I found it is not something I would use.