Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jsan Just Completed Topical Steroid Withdrawal in 9 Months!

Jsan asked me to post this for her because she is currently unable to post to blogs with her iPhone.

"So I'm done TSW. No doubt about it. There isn't a single area of rash anywhere on my skin anymore. No peeling no dryness nothing. I'm completely soft normal strong skinned. I get up, get on with the day. No itching at night nothing. Just overnight around Friday it all finished. I was only mildly itchy behind my knees and on a patch of neck/face and wrists for over a month on and off. Then it was gone. Completely utterly gone. My nails are back to being long and manicured, life's back to normal.

I've been so busy going out all weekend drinking bottles of red wine, eating cheese, chocolate, go go go and my skin is as it used to be before I used steroids. I was doing this all month, but still had bits of itching. It's completely non-existent now. Just like that, vanished.

I was able to wear polyester with no discomfort last week that was my big sign. Took a super hot shower and used a scented shower gel just for fun for a party. My skin was soft right after towel drying. No dryness anymore. No need for tea tree or silver. Just back to normal. Overnight every single last remaining area turned just normal.

Stayed at the party drinking two bottles of red over six hours. Then walked downtown with a friend and hung out.

Got up late today, ate, splashed face, threw on make up and a gorgeous short sleeve poly top, raced to a birthday party. More wine, cheese choc etc. my skin is normal. Cats and perfume, no reactions nothing.

Heading our now for dinner with friends. Wearing sleeveless scoop neck dress.

My husband today felt my neck and knee area hell even backs of my elbows, and it's like it was before steroids. Silky normal skin.

Having gone through full tsw three times now, the biggest factors in my opinion in healing are:

No moisturizer. I cannot emphasize this enough.

No baths unless you have cuts. Minimal bathing til your skin gets stronger.

Msm supplementation

Being busy but stress free.

Goodbye tsw at 9 months!!!! Been here before and I recognize when it's over. And no there will be no more "flares" sorry vets, I know where I'm at. :)"


  1. Congratulations jsan! Another person who has healed from TSW in under a year by not moisturizing!

  2. Congrats!! I got an email from her too and just wanted to add that minimal bathing has seemed to help me as well. I do bathe during the week but between Fri morning and Mon morning I refrain and even though I feel filthy, my skin seems to heal over that time. Can't wait to heal!!

  3. Since jsan and my MW guides differ in how we tackle our symptoms (mine says to use dss baths and hers says to use showers), I want to clarify this a little. I haven't done her method as my method has worked so well for me, and is what I felt would be the best method (for me) due to my large amount of skin breaks. Once most skin breaks are healed one can probably use just showers for maintenance. I don't think jsan had near the amount of skin barrier destroyed broken skin damage that I had during her TSW.

    There are far too many benefits from dss baths to ignore, even for people with normal skin. So, everybody please keep in mind that MW is the real key to finding comfort, and the rest are techniques on how to best manage your symptoms. For example, I just had a major flare where the whole back of my left hand turned into a slimy oozy mess. Two dss baths with no rinse afterwards dried my skin out so much (by not rinsing) that the whole area dried out and is now healing. I only recommend not rinsing after a dss bath if one has persistent oozing or broken skin. I truly feel dss are a very important tool for TSW symptoms for everyone after seeing all the positive results from research, and the positive results I personally have and still do experience from using them. But no matter how one does it, the true key is be moisturizer free :)

  4. Nice work Jsan! can't wait to join you!

  5. Goooo Jitka!! :D

    I would have been lost without this TSW Warrior-princess/beauty queen/chef extraordinaire!

    Love your blog too Dan, thanks for taking the time to write such detailed posts, people like you and Jitka a.k.a Jsan have contributed significantly to preventing my descent into madness during TSW.

    Krystle (Month 7 TSW, day 1 MW)

    1. Thanks Krystle! Good luck with MW. I'm usually available if you have any questions during this initial phase.

    2. Hi Krystle,

      Please come join our new forum and help us get some discussions going. It would really be appreciated and very helpful for the entire tsw community. Thanks, and hope to see you post something there soon! No pressure to post if you want to lurk though just so you know. I'm sure you will eventually see a discussion you'll want to chime in on. If not, no problem.:)