Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why Is Moisturizing The Skin The Aceppted Thing To Do?

Here is an interesting article called The Real Cause Of Cancer And The Solution written by Dr Vernon Coleman. How is this related to topical steroid addiction and withdrawal? The article is about cancer but there are layers upon layers of similarities between the information he presents and the practice of prescribing topical steroids and the decades long propaganda of the benefits of moisturizing one's skin. It is a very interesting read for anyone going through tsw. I have known about much of this information for a very long time but many people simply are not aware of most of this. There is a short reference to Dr Stanislaw Burzynski. I had read quite about about him years ago about how he cured terminal patients that all doctors had given up on and were given prognosis's of only weeks to live, and how the FDA's lawyers have spent tens of millions of dollars trying to put Dr Burzynski in jail.

I have personally seen one of the top Derms on the west coast who is a professor and does studies for pharmaceutical companies, always looking for new drugs to market for treating the symptoms rather than than cause. Seems to me, in most cases the cause of tsa is the earlier drugs that these same pharmaceuticals companies had top doctors in their field do studies for and market to the public in the past. Here are a couple excerpts from this very informative article:

Politicians And The Media Are Controlled

"The medical and scientific establishments have (largely through the fact that they have sold out to the enormously wealthy and powerful international pharmaceutical industry) obtained more or less complete control over politicians and the media."

Self Healing Mechanisms Overlooked

"The other crucial fact that the cancer industry overlooks is that our bodies are remarkably capable of looking after themselves. Few people take advantage of these self-healing mechanisms and protective capabilities because we are all encouraged to put our health and our lives into the hands of the so called experts - practitioners who are often trained to look at our bodies, and the diseases which afflict them, with all the breadth of vision of a man looking through a microscope."

Conceit, Arrogance And Bigotry

"The great tragedy of orthodox medicine is that doctors have always been suspicious of anything new and often reluctant to listen to theories and ideas which contradict traditional attitudes.

From Paracelsus to Lind to Semmelweiss, medical history is littered with doctors who learned the hard way that the medical establishment does not take kindly to original ideas or to new concepts which threaten the status quo.

Medical students are taught that they should avoid asking uncomfortable questions and young doctors who wish to succeed know that they must remain unquestioningly faithful to the established truths.

Any physician who rocks the boat, makes waves or swims against the tide will soon find himself floundering in deep water - and struggling to survive! To be successful in our society a physician must respect the prejudices of his elders, adhere to the dogma of his teachers and shut his mind to theories which do not fit in with orthodox medical doctrines.

Modern medicine is, much like the black magic medicine of the middle ages, an unstructured, unscientific discipline in which uncertainty, confusion and ignorance are too often disguised with conceit, arrogance and bigotry.

At a time when the half-life of medical information is shrinking and the limits of traditional, interventionist medicine are daily becoming more and more apparent, this ostrich-type behaviour is difficult to understand and impossible to justify.

Unless doctors are prepared to consider the unexpected, the unlikely and even the apparently impossible, patients must regard rigidly orthodox interventionists with a certain amount of suspicion and cynicism."

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