Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Skin Update, False Alarm - Not Fully Healed Yet!

I announced at my one year mark I was fully healed but it wasn't a week or two after that I had a flare and my skin broke open again. So, I must retract my healed statement and say I'm not fully healed yet, and I'm now on month 14. The flare has been very minor and has lasted for a few weeks, just a few small skin breaks on my palm with the usual itching at night. I think what caused it was I started showering and using both hand soap and shampoo again for the first time in a year. After about 3-4 showers I noticed the skin on my hands was extremely dry and felt compromised. Then, a few days after noticing that, it broke open. Of course it doesn't help matters much that I eat plenty of sugar daily. I refuse to change my diet for a non life threatening illness and will take the trade off of a longer withdrawal period to eat what I want.

With that said, my recovery has still been a walk in the park since around month 4-5 due to MW at month 3. Not that it's been easy. because it's truly been a royal bitch the whole way. Just compared to the living hell I was in the first few months it's been easy. Almost a minor nuisance actually. Again, that is compared to the first few months.

I'm going to Hawaii soon for a vacation I had to cancel last year at this time, and if I have any open skin breaks a couple days before leaving I'm going to use my old tube of topical steroids to close them up so I don't get an infection from the pollution in the water. I've thought this out thoroughly, even talked to Dr. Fukaya about it, and feel confident that at my stage I can use ts for two weeks with little to no residual ramifications from it. The key will be to not use it again for a minimum of one year. Dr. Fukaya agrees. So, if I need to do this I will report how it goes, and how things go once I cease using it again after those two weeks. I never thought I would ever touch the poison again but there is no way I'm going to not go into the water in Hawaii.

I read something rather interesting the other day while researching the subject of going into the ocean with open wounds and discovered that up until 60-70 years ago it was very common for people to use the ocean to heal different wounds to their skin. Something about the salt helps wounds close. It dawned on me when I read this why Dead Sea salts are so beneficial and have been for me throughout this last year. Not only do you get the benefits of the minerals from the dss, but the salts themselves help close wounds. Something I was unaware of and never thought about. I maintain to this day the best way to recover from tsa/tsw is not moisturizing, doing dss baths, and taking the right supplements. A good diet and exercise helps too if you have the willpower for it. And, last but not least, a positive mindset. Wishing everyone a fast healing.