Monday, November 17, 2014

Update on My Topical Steroid Use - Don't Do It!

After 15 months of not touching topical steroids and going through hell I used them again twice over the last 2-3 months very sparingly for about 4 days both times. I thought since I had been nearly fully recovered in the last 5-6 months that using a tiny amount would not set me back at all. I was wrong. It's been a full month now since round two, and although my skin didn't revert back to day one of my tsw, I have had steroid induced eczema show up on my right arm, an area I have never used ts on, and an area that has been 100% clear for 6-7 months. I also have experienced that dreaded bone deep itching again on my right hand that had been gone for many months. The itching has subsided now and things seem to be settled down, but I can definitely tell there is a very real connection with cellular memory. A couple people warned me about this possibility and they were right. Kudos to you guys, you know who you are.

The net result of me using again is basically a set back of healing since I first used again back in early September, and on top of that, a loss of about 3 months of healing time. Now I have to bite the bullet and not use again, ever. I have no regrets what so ever though, and would do it again if the same situation presented itself. But, not many situations would make me want to lose 3-4 months of healing time.

Dr. F suggests people can get through tsw using systemic steroids, but I wouldn't go there myself after this experience. What he has said makes sense, since oral steroids do not affect the skin the same way topicals do, but there are unknowns I don't want to find out. Not to mention the risks of having a lowered immune system and other associated problems that go along with systemic steroids. Now, if I were a much worse case, and it was from ts use only, I might consider it. Luckily I'm not and won't.

For me, it's been very difficult recovering due to not being able to use my hands for so long. I have to be able to work and make a living, and it was all but impossible for me to do that the first several months of my tsw. Anyway, my hands are a little worse than they were at the end of August before using that first time in September. Having 100% healed hands was a nice break. I had only experienced this at my one year mark when I was healed for two weeks. So, it was really nice to feel normal again both in September and again in October. I used a second time so I could do a trade show. Again, I have to work. I've used up all my savings and have gotten far behind financially due to that first year of debilitation. I have another two week show to do coming up very soon and I will not be using ts for it. I will do the show even if I'm bleeding all over the place and my hands are sore and swollen. Fuck topical steroids! And fuck the people who make them, prescribe them, and push them. God damn the pusher man. Can anyone tell I'm sick of this shit yet?

So, the jury is in with my experiment on myself. I have to warn you, do not try it. Not only does it make things worse after the initial fast healing subsides once you stop using, but it is even more apparent to me just how dangerous these drugs really are. So, if you want to use for a special need like I did, just know that 1) it will set you back months in your healing, and 2) it will make you very tempted to use over & over again. I can handle the temptation but can imagine others may not. So please take it from me and don't even go there.