Sunday, August 6, 2017

What I've Learned From 4 Years Of Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Wow! That's a big title to live up to! Where do I start? I guess I will start with some of the most important things I've learned after experiencing this for 4 long years.

1) Not moisturizing during topical steroid withdrawal is the most effective way to go. As compared to moisturizing, I'd make a rough estimate that not moisturizing makes the recovery 100 times easier. That means 100 times less suffering and itching. Don't believe me? Look at those who have blogs that don't moisturize, and compare how they feel to those who do moisturize. Significant difference.

2) Dead Sea baths. I cannot express enough how these baths are the most effective way for managing most tsw symptoms. They immediately alleviate severe itching in the areas where one used the least amount of ts, and also tend to heal those areas for good in a matter of a few weeks. As for the areas of your skin that received the brunt of the ts, these baths have the same effects, just not as noticeable due to how severe the symptoms are. But, even though the baths don't heal those really bad areas in a few weeks, they do help immensely in early tsw rebound.

3) Diets have practically zero effect for topical steroid withdrawal. TSW is a powerful rebound reaction in the body, and simply too powerful for something as insignificant as a better diet to have any effects on the process of healing.

4) TIME! Time is key. The body needs plenty of time to heal itself from ts damage caused by overuse, or improper use of ts. For heavy users expect this process to take 1/3 the time you used for the body to resolve itself and heal fully. People who used lower potency ts for months, or say a year or so, often heal much faster. And, in many cases, in just months instead of years.

5) Finding an open minded doctor for support in tsw is a must. Look for a holistic doctor.

6) Never take a strong course of oral steroids like Prednisone in late stage tsw. It will nearly undo your entire healing and cause you to have to start over. It can cause one to rebound as bad as the rebound was when one first stopped using ts.

7) Read, read, read. Educate yourself on how the skin functions. This is extremely important. Once you do that you will understand why moisturizing is so damaging to your skin during the tsw process.

8) Read everything you can find on Dr. Rapaport's red skin syndrome website and blog. You can find all this info in links I have provided on the right hand side of my blog.

9) Understand that no one individual's opinions on the subject of tsa/tsw/rss are 100% right. That is why you must educate yourself! Read everyone's opinions you can, all research, etc., and make your own opinions derived from what YOU learn. Example: I feel Dr. Rapaport is one of the best sources of information on tsa/rss/tsw out of anyone other than myself, and unlike myself, he has the most experience in helping thousands of people heal from tsa/rss for well over 35 years. However, I highly doubt he has ever experienced tsw himself. That surely must limit his knowledge in understanding how the various symptoms feel, how various things like DSS baths effect the skin, how moisturizing affects the skin, etc. I would imagine if he hasn't experienced tsa/tsw himself, he can only draw on what he has witnessed in helping these patients. If he has never used my DSS bath method with his patients, then I don't see how he can possibly make the statement that they don't have any effects. I have personally offered my experience to him and he was not at all open to it what-so-ever. I find that disturbing, but again, no one is perfect. If it weren't for his video explaining how childhood eczema typically burns itself out when one reaches adulthood, and my own experience in that very thing some 40+ years ago, I may not have had the information I needed to understand what was happening to me. So, he is my hero despite my disagreements with his methods of managing tsw symptoms. And managing the symptoms effectively can mean the difference between wanting to end your life and not wanting to, believe me.

With that all said, Dr. Rapaport has done more in exposing the medical establishment's lies than everyone else combined. He has stuck his neck out and put his reputation on the line for decades and he deserves nothing but respect. He has confirmed what we all suspected. That using topical steroids eventually leads to using stronger and stronger ones, and they are causing what most all doctors call eczema, which most times is actually nothing more steroid induced rash that looks just like eczema. The cause is the ts just like he says.

Add to that, we have been brainwashed since birth by corporate interests to use moisturizers to have smooth skin, protect the skin, etc etc etc etc etc etc. This is all pure unadulterated bullshit. Women need to wake up and realize this. How many men do you know that moisturize their skin? Not many. Although, constant advertising is so effective there are many younger men using moisturizers now. I find this rather amusing, even though it's sickening to see. You have been preyed upon with fear mongering and that is hard to overcome. This is why I especially urge YOU to read how the skin functions. Once you do that you will understand everything I say about how to mange your tsw symptoms the most effect ways and why. It would take you a whopping 5 minutes of your time to do this. After 4 years I am amazed at how many people don't take a little time to read this most important info. We all tend to look for answers in the wrong places.

Dr. Fukaya's blog is also a must read for anyone who wants to learn from his experiences in treating people with tsa/rss/tsw over many years. He has also done tons of research. Again, he is mostly correct in all his opinions and research, but does have a couple of beliefs that I feel are simply incorrect. One such belief being people can safely use ts in very limited amounts for a very short period of time in late stage tsw. He is simply wrong about that. I know I tried with both ts and oral. To be fair, I may have misunderstood. Lots of water under this bridge in 4 years, so take what I say with skepticism and do the research. 

I could go on but am tiring so will close by talking a little about my current condition and what improvements/setbacks I've had recently. See my last post for lots of pictures. Since that post I have recently experienced the typical 7th month flare in my second tsw. It has sucked, but my fingers and thumbs are 100% healed! My heels are nearly healed! This is amazing considering how bad they were a couple months ago (see pictures on previous post). However, the flare has caused my right palm to open up again and it got pretty bad. I got a very itchy red scrotum as well, something I didn't have in my first tsw. But, every time I take a dss bath this constant itching on my scrotum goes away for a few days each time. And, the redness disappears as well. I did a dss bath yesterday after waiting about 3-4 days and have much relief today on all symptoms. Again, I cannot stress enough the value of doing dss baths while in tsw.

One last thing. I find it rather sickening and highly immoral my doctor refuses to read the info on tsa/rss/tsw I give to her. After 4 years my she has taken the position that I must have serious allergies and have chronic eczema because I surely would have healed by now. She refuses to read Dr. Rapaport's website, or even talk with him on the phone about my condition. says she doesn't have the time. Four freaking years and couldn't find the time? I paid Dr. Rap to talk to her and he had a hell of a time getting her on the phone, but when he finally did, she said she "was slammed and didn't have time". I'd really like to know how a PA (physicians assistant) thinks they know more than a professor at UCLA, who is also an MD, and who has treated over 4,000 patients over a 40 year period. Yet, through my extremely brief conversations with her I can clearly see she doesn't want to know about tsa/rss/tsw, and is only interested in not making waves for the clinic she works for. They apparently don't want to know the truth so she has to tow the line.

I had talked to the director of this clinic and expressed my feelings about how I felt I wasn't getting very good quality healthcare from my doctor because she is so heavily loaded with way too many back to back patient appointments every time I see her. I asked the director of this clinic if she would read Dr. Rapaport's "White Paper" and she said she would. I then asked if she would have my doctor read it and she said "what if she doesn't agree with it?" Also, during the course of the conversation she said "keep in mind we are a business too!" Just sickening. Again, what happened to the Hippocratic Oath? Has greed and desire to "fit in" taken over actual caring?

Why is it insurance companies and the government are involved in my relationship between myself and my doctor? Why isn't my doctor working for me since it is I who actually pays their salary? I'll tell you why. It's because of all you snowflake retards out there who think government knows what's best for you. How is that doing for you so far? I long for the days when I could go to a doctor and have his full attention for a good hour, all for $40. No insurance or government involvement. Now, my co-payment alone is almost that much, and a typical office visit is billed to my insurance to the tune of $175- $500, of which I pay most of it via a co-payments, deductibles, insurance premiums, and 10% of the cost. And that is for 20 minutes with a doctor that is so rushed that she/he can't give even the resemblance of decent healthcare.

Mostly the time is spent with the doctor watching them typing notes on a computer. Information required by government and insurance companies. And, information designed to protect themselves from lawsuits from the patient! Like it's easy to successfully sue a doctor right? I can't help but laugh while I write this. You'd have to lose your life or have the wrong limb cut off in surgery by mistake in order for most attorneys to even consider taking on a medical malpractice lawsuit. So why the fear among doctors? I don't get it. Must be pressure from their clinic masters. Zero successful lawsuits means more to the bottom line right? Too bad because I'd love not having to pay my doctor to do this and would much rather they give their full attention to what I am there for during that brief moment in time.

I have been mis-diagnosed nearly every time I've been to a doctor in the past 25 years. And so have nearly every person I know. I attribute that to the involvement of both government and the cozy relationships health insurance companies have with said government. I'm not a doctor basher, just a bad doctor basher. If you made it this far I congratulate you. Now, please go to the right hand side of this blog and click on some of the various links provided. Especially the one on how the skin functions, as this is the most important information for tsw's to understand.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that this journey is all about managing tsw symptoms, and the most effective tool in my toolbox is dss baths. Even more so than sunshine. It took me years to figure that out. I have found that no matter how much sun I get I see little change, although I know it definitely helps the skin. When I do DSS baths, I see immediate improvement nearly every time. People don't travel from all over the world to the Dead Sea for the sunshine! They go for the water which is jammed packed full of minerals one simply can't find anywhere else. Duplicating this process at home is the best thing I've done in managing my symptoms.